親から子へ、子から孫へ私たちが大切にしていることPassing Down from Parent to Child through Generations

次世代に伝えたい、つなげたい暮らしの道具Tools for daily life that we want to pass on to the next generation

北国でじっくりと育った天然杉の大館曲げわっぱに息づくのは、先人から受け継がれてきたわざと暮らしの美意識。柴田慶信しばたよしのぶ商店が目指すのは、次世代に伝えたい、つなげたい暮らしの道具です。多様化する暮らしの形に寄り添う、曲げわっぱづくりに日々励んでおります。The aesthetic senses of craftsmanship and their way of living are inherite. They are still alive in Odate Magewappa, also known as magewappa, made of natural cedar wood grown in the northern province of Japan. Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten aims to make household goods that can be passed down to the next generation. We constantly strive to create magewappa that can be used in a diverse society on a daily basis.

有限会社 柴田慶信商店 代表取締役会長 柴田慶信Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur, adipisicing elit. Veniam in officia ipsa eum.

柴田慶信が曲げ物の道に足を踏み入れたのは1964年。地域の伝統工芸である曲げわっぱに魅入られた慶信は、他に指導を仰がず、試行錯誤の後、独学で曲げ物の製作方法を学びました。In 1964, Yoshinobu Shibata started on the path of magemono, a container made by bending a thin wood sheet of a Japanese cypress tree or a Japanese cedar tree. The traditional magemono of his region called magewappa attracted him, and he never had any masters or teachers and learned how to create magemono by trial and error.

1966年に柴田慶信商店創業。初代慶信は自社の経営以外にも、曲げわっぱ協同組合の立ち上げに係る構成員の一人として設立に従事しました。1979年の設立後も理事として、販路拡大の為の即売会に参加し、需要低下と材料の入手困難に対し、積極的な解決策を提案、実行します。また、大館曲げわっぱが伝産法の指定を受けるために、環境の整備や資料作成に奔走します。その甲斐あって1980年「大館曲げわっぱ」は伝産法の指定を受け、国の伝統的工芸品となりました。Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten was founded in 1966. Yoshinobu dedicated himself to the establishment of the Odate Magewappa Association as its founding member besides his own business. After the association was officially established in 1979, Yoshinobu proactively joined in several exhibition sales to extend the market as a director of the association. He made some proposals and carried out measures for decreased demand for magewappa and lack of material. Additionally, he exerted himself to improve environment for the industry. He made documents to make Odate Magewappa be nationally designated as a traditional craft under the Act on Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries. Thanks to his effort, Odate Magewappa was nationally designated under the Act and officially became a Japanese traditional craft in 1980.

2011年 柴田慶信商店  柴田慶信

2011年 柴田慶信商店 旧工場内 柴田慶信商店the old workshop of Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten in 2011

需要開拓や販路拡大を目指し、国内外で実演をおこないます。組合の一員として製品開発やデザインの協議に参加し、地元での講演会や展覧会を企画しました。Thereafter, Yoshinobu visited many places to demonstrate how to create Odate Magewappa both within and outside Japan. He tried to develop demand for the traditional craft and to extend the market. Furthermore, he actively attended conferences for development of new products and design as a member of the Odate Magewappa Association. At the same time, he also contributed to holding lectures and organizing exhibitions in his local community.


2012年 フランスでのワークショップWorkshop in France

親から子へPassing down from parents to children

二代目昌正よしまさは1998年より父慶信に弟子入りし、曲げ物の道に入りました。父と同様自社製品の製造に携わる傍、百貨店で開催される催事に参加し販路拡大に努めます。時には父と共に「父子二人展」に出展しました。Yoshinobu’s son, Yoshimasa, apprenticed himself to his father to begin his career of magemono in 1998. Besides making his own products, he joined in some fairs at department stores and made efforts to extend the market as his father did. The father and the son occasionally held their exhibitions together.

2008年には日用品デザイナー大治将典おおじまさのり氏と共に、現代の生活に寄り添うような曲げわっぱ製品として「マゲワ」シリーズを展開します。2009年に日本橋三越本店に常設店、代表取締役に就任した2010年には浅草店(雷門通り)をオープン(2015年にオレンジ通りに移転)。In 2008, Yoshimasa published a collection of modern magewappa called “Magewa” with a designer of daily necessities, Masanori Oji. A store was opened at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store in Tokyo in 2009, and the Asakusa branch on Kaminarimon Street was opened in 2010, when Yoshimasa was inaugurated as the second president of the company. (The branch was relocated on Orange Street in 2015.)


2010年に浅草店(雷門通り)出店したのち2015年にオレンジ通りに移転Opened the Asakusa store (Kaminarimon Street) in 2010, and moved to Orange Street in 2015.

2018年には地元大館にオープンさせた複合商業施設「わっぱビルヂング」には、曲げ物コレクションのミュージアムと製作体験可能なスペースを設けました。同年、福岡の岩田屋本店に常設店舗を設置します。In 2018, a gallery of magemono and a workshop studio that you can experience making magewappa were opened at the commercial complex named Wappa Building in Odate City, Akita. Additionally, a store was opened at Iwataya Main Store in Fukuoka Prefecture in the same year.

わっぱビルヂング 曲げわっぱ製作体験

わっぱビルヂング 曲げわっぱ製作体験Magewappa workshop | Wappa Building in Odate City

子から孫へPassing on from children to grandchildren

2020年、昌正が大館曲げわっぱ協同組合の理事長に就任。子供たちとおこなう秋田杉の植林活動や、大館市内全小学校の給食で使う曲げわっぱ作りの実施、工芸士作品展の企画・開催など、曲げわっぱを介した地域の教育や文化の振興を目指しています。In 2020, Yoshimasa became the chairman of the Odate Magewappa Association. He aims for the promotion of community education and the local culture through magewappa. Therefore, he and other members of the association have conducted the forestation project of Akita cedar trees with children. Additionally, they have taught students in all elementary schools of Odate City how to make magewappa which they use on their lunch time. Besides those educational projects, they have held some exhibitions of traditional craftsperson’s productions.


地元小学校で曲げわっぱ製作体験Experience making magewrappa at a local elementary school